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Forfatter: Movense

Movense is a Live photos capturing and motion photography based social network for users to express and share their life events (parties), surroundings (travel, animals, nature, food and fashion) and emotions (selfies) in 3D motion and then reverse playback on simple flip of your wrist.

We call these Live Photo as Moves. MOVEs are motion sensible pictures that allows you to sense motion on flip and touch swipe gestures.

Unlike the 360 degree photo apps, here you can capture motion panoramas. Instead of taking a still 360 degree panorama, you can now capture the motion of elements in the frame as well thru Moves.

Recording a Move (Live Photos) is as simple as you snap pics or record a video. Simply press and hold the camera button while you capture the motion of elements happening in your surrounding. Thats all. Your MOVEs are ready to be shared in Movense community or directly on other social media platforms like Facebook & Twitter.

Its fun to see motion of a waterfall in reverse, airplanes flying backward, skateboarder taking back its jump. All this happens on a simple flip of your smartphone.

In the back and forth motion in Boomerang from Instagram, its an uncontrolled video. Live Photos allow the smooth and simple control of motion, rejoice the memories of life events again captured in your Move and see the magic of gyroscope happening beneath the layers of your smartphone!

Capture Live Photos (MOVES) with Movense. With 10,000+ users having shared their Moves in Movense portal, join the growing community of photographers, fashion bloggers, selfie lovers and show us your fun Moves!

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